Jun. 21st, 2016

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So, i've had somewhat of a history involving people that at one point used to work at a now-defunct wall street firm. some of those experiences have permanently scarred me. and yet i keep tripping over tendrils that lead back to these people. an executive at my agency used to work there. and he has the same sort of air of complacent brutality, that buccaneer swagger, that jovial bully style. Much like the others, he enjoys pushing people off-balance, calling them out, making them uncomfortable. The good news for me is that I mostly don't have to interact with him; when he does his drive-bys my brightly innocent helpfulness usually completely throws him. He suspects I am laughing at him but he can't quite be sure, and yet he keeps trying. The trick is to not take it personally.

The problem, of course, is the anger the associations bring up in me. I'm fairly certain he's sleeping with his admin, which would be par for the course. Shopping in the company store is a bit of a hallmark of the people I have worked with from that company-- rules are for other people. Unfortunately, it's given his admin more than a bit of an ego about things and she seems to delight in being a petty tyrant. They have completely misinterpreted a telework policy, as to insist that everyone needs to have a signed telework agreement whether they want to telework or not. The policy they linked to clearly says otherwise, but I have literally a week left in my probation period and I can't afford to argue about it with her.

So apparently I'll be teleworking soon. And I'm sure the full moon is laughing at me, as not an hour later one of the other wall street refugees called me, wanting to get coffee.


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