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In various background shenanigans, the ANC filed a protest with historic that they weren't given enough time to consider our project and others, and their opinions were not given the "great weight" they were supposed to. The result of the discussions was that historic agreed to keep them in the loop on our design before it went to permit. Historic reached out to our architect, got the final facade drawings, and shared them with the ANC. The ANC, however, felt that this meant they could call us back to perform in front of them and vote on our project, again.

So they put us on their schedule and didn't notify us. We only found out by chance, as our local rep was walking through the alley and stopped by to chat about it.

I was in a towering rage for a couple of days. We decided that Janet should not go, as I had no desire to pay her $1000 just for all of us to be yelled at to no point, and besides she had an early flight the next morning.

So Tuesday night I put on my bitch face and we went. One dude on the committee is an architect and he has opinions. He doesn't like the glass garage door, he feels it just is just a showroom for our car collection and he doesn't want to see it. We pointed out that it would not be possible to see inside the garage, and provided photos of an actual door like what we intend to install. Obscured or not, he felt glass doors just don't fit the historic neighborhood. I pointed out that nearly *every* renovation in Blagden (same historic district) had absolutely clear glass doors in that style- La Colombe, Lost Society, The Dabney, Longview Gallery. Furthermore, the building next to us has a wall of glass sliding doors. I pointed out that a 25' wall of metal garage door would make the neighborhood *less* inviting and less residential. He then just spluttered he wanted to see an iron gate and a courtyard... really, he felt it was inappropriate for the site to have parking at all. I pointed out that among other things, to eliminate parking spots *even in a historic district* would require yet another variance.

And then another dude started in with the cor-ten. Historic insisted we couldn't do brick, as the addition needed to be in a different material. We suggested cementicious panels or cor-ten, they picked cor-ten. Why not stucco? BECAUSE I DON'T WANT A HOUSE MADE OUT OF STYROFOAM. (I kept my mouth shut and let nick answer.)

They went on some more saying how much they hated the design, and slowly wound down. And then our rep pointed out that their problems were with historic, and they weren't going to solve them here, and haven't we put this poor couple through enough? So he made a motion to approve the design, and a nice guy seconded it, and then they voted: 5 to approve, angry door dude against, and three abstentions. Your government at work.
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