Jun. 20th, 2016 10:31 pm
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saw mine again for fathers day. both of them are pretty vague, and I wish I could drag them both out for cognitive testing. Not that I have any idea what could be done for them in any case.

wished nicks dad a happy fathers day. they originally were going to visit in april... then may... then june... now it's "maybe fall." Nick's sister is back from shanghai finally so they aren't going to go anywhere until they stock up on time with her.

today they dropped another "you guys should move out here." bad combination of general frustration, hormones, etc., but I lost my filter and replied that given that so cal makes me suicidally depressed within 24 hours and has consistently done so for 20 years now we aren't moving out there unless nick decides he wants to try out being a widower. that otherwise a couple long weekends a year is the best I can do, sorry.

that killed *that* conversation, fast. but I am tired of them constantly reframing things like it's my fault we don't see them. I made it very clear even before they bought a place out there that I hated LA, and would not visit more than a few days a year if they lived in LA. Happy to meet up any other place. It's obvious they aren't going to visit more than once a year, if that. I've removed the third bedroom from the house plans; there is no point in spending the money. At this point I figure a) we probably won't successfully have a child, and b) if by some stroke of statistics we do then they can just get a hotel if they ever visit. Once upon a time they were going to get a small place here so that they could split time between their kids, but they are now spending that money on remodeling their LA house. Mazel tov, etc.

Date: 2016-06-21 10:59 am (UTC)
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Can't argue with that; shame they do.


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