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Jul. 3rd, 2016 02:10 pm
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I'm no longer a probationary federal employee, huzzah. though not without some minor heart attacks... monday afternoon I got an email from the security office saying they couldn't verify my birthdate or place, and could I get them a copy of my birth certificate, thank you. Monday I got home late and meant to look for where I had stashed my copy of my birth certificate, but totally forgot.

tuesday morning, I had another email from the same person, saying that they needed the notarized copy of my birth certificate before the close of business thursday. what the actual fuck? now, things get complicated because in actuality, my original birth certificate is sealed under court order, and I can't actually get a copy of that. (clearly I can never run for president.) I had no idea whether or not the copy I have has a raised seal or is notarized. I refrained from flipping out, and responded by saying I was unsure if I would be able to lay hands on a notarized copy in two days, but would do my best. In the mean time, please let me know if this passport is of any use to you? (I attached a scan).

Fortunately, they replied that the passport was sufficient. (of course, they should have had a copy of my passport from my I-9. whatever.)

So I received email on the 30th informing me I was now deemed eligible to work for the Treasury. Good to know!

Last week we had dinner with nick's aunt and uncle, and thus found out that Nicks parents were taking his sister to Hawaii for a week. They had clearly been just planning to not tell us. When we asked about their trip they justified it by saying only Kitty likes the beach. We replied that we like Hawaii very much, thank you, and so haven't heard from them since. (To be clear, Nick absolutely hates the Caribbean and the Bahamas, and while I have never been either to make a determination, I certainly am not going to go while Zika is a thing. But I *had* explicitly suggested Hawaii as a place we could visit them in place of LA.)

Which is fine. This last cycle I was exceedingly hormonal and weepy, and I probably would have punched a wall or worse if I had then found out it didn't work while I was around them. 4 days late, so I think it was a chemical pregnancy. Two friends had babies on Friday, and I had a one-year-olds birthday party yesterday. I'd like to just curl up with a pint of ice cream and a pile of books for the rest of the weekend but we have a wedding to go to tonight.


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